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Casa Camelia a 3 stars *** accomodation in Sovata ... a house that feels like home .. Camelia and Cyril, your hosts, are waiting for you to spend the holiday and enjoy the Irish spirit that we have brought with us in this wonderful spa resort: Sovata, with all the healing waters, the facilities and the beauty of the place! We offer our guests comfort, cleanliness, privacy and tranquility in a central location with a dream garden! Casa Camelia is located just a few meters away from the Penny Market shopping center, pharmacies, banks and the food market. Ursu Lake and Aluniș Treatment Base are 1.7 km away (15-20 minutes by foot, 5-7 minutes by car). The Black Lake with the Treatment Base and the Bus Station are at a distance of 800 respectively 600 meters. Praid Salt Mine and the Praid Salt Water Swiming Pool are just 9 km away from Casa Camelia; The ski slope of Aluniș is at a distance of 9 km from our house. We are waiting for you!


An all-season Resort, one of the oldest in the country, Sovata was mentioned for the first time as a healing place in a document from 1597, but only in 1850 it becomes a spa resort. It is surrounded by the hills: Cireșelu (912 m), Capela (720 m), Bechiș (1,079 m), Little Hill and Salt Mountain. The resort offers excellent opportunities for rest and relaxation. The resort has a subalpine climate, with cool summers (average temperature in July is 18.5 ° C) and mild winters (average temperature in January is -3.5 ° C). The average annual temperature is 7.6 ° C, and the annual average rainfall is 750 mm. The reputation of Sovata gained fame due to his salt lakes: Ursu (46,000 m2), Aluniș (9,000 m2), Green (5,000 m2), Black, Red, Mierlei and Snake lakes, with chlorinated water (with a high concentration - from 40 to 250 gr / liter) and sodium , presenting the phenomenon of heliothermia (in summer, the temperature of the water varies depending on the accumulation of solar heat in the salt water, the hot water being protected by a layer of fresh water from streams, which does not mix with salt water, but stays on the surface, acting as a thermal insulator). This causes the summer temperature of Lake Ursu (18.4 m depth), the largest heliothermal lake, to vary between 10-20 ° C at the surface, 30-40 ° C at the depth of 1 m and 40-60 ° C at 1.5 m depth. Sovata city is at a distance of 62 km from Targu-Mureş (DN E60), 60 km from Gheorgheni (13B), 42 km from Odorheiul Secuiesc (13A), 400 km from Bucharest (DN E60) and at 600 km from Budapest (Hungary).


"After 4 nights of accommodation at this guest house I can only say that it 'causes addiction'. I found here the peace and comfort that I did not encounter anywhere, but by far what mattered most was the attention we received from the owners. Their care for the good stay of the guests reached the highest level when they decided to turn on the heat due to slightly lower temperatures in one of the days (we speak of July 2019, in the summer), which many of us would not have done this in your own home. In conclusion, we will return to this location whenever we have the opportunity. "
Marius Alexandru Bancila
“Casa Camelia in Sovata is a beautiful location, with a very beautiful garden, complete peace, maximum relaxation! Extremely friendly hosts. Breakfast was very good and served with hot drinks such as tea, milk, coffee, or juice. We really liked it, we will come back with great love! ”
Viorica Odagiu
“After 2 nights of staying at Casa Camelia I can only say that it was super, perfect silence, the cleanliness that is there leaves you speechless, maybe many do not have it at home, a beautiful view, there you have everything you want! You feel at home! The hosts are very kind, wonderful people, two wonderful people who warmly welcome you, people who put their soul into everything they do! Thank you very much for all the services you provided, for the hospitality and for the warmth and kindness that you welcomed us! We will definitely be back again next year! We kiss and embrace you wonderful people! "
Cami Nagy
"It was extraordinary. An intimate, spacious location, with a beautiful, neat yard, where I made barbecues, every day .... Cleanliness - impeccable. The staff, extraordinarily attentive and cute. It was a wonderful holiday, it was worth getting here ... Nothing much to say about the owners, who were exemplary. So attentive to our needs .. and we were a big group. I highly recommend Casa Camelia ... 🤗 ”
Maria Pop



Lake Ursu, a wonder of nature housed in one of the most sought therapeutic resorts in the country, offers people pure health. The water from the bottom of the lake, always hot, is combined with the cold water from the surface. The heliothermia phenomenon that is created makes Lake Ursu in the Sovata resort unique in Europe. The lake got its name due to its shape, like a stretched skin of a bear. His water is a real source of health. The phenomenon of heliothermia appeared thanks to the continuous flow in the lake of a brook and of precipitations, which formed over the salt water a protective layer of fresh water, creating a greenhouse effect, and thus, ensuring the heating of the salt water layers from the depths. The therapeutic effects of water and sludge from the lake are well known, as they are the essence of the treatments in case of rheumatic, dermatological, gynecological disorders or in the case of respiratory diseases.

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